During May and in honor of Mother’s Day, Highland Heights Dental will donate a smile makeover to a survivor of breast cancer.  This includes anterior veneers and/or crowns in order to restore the smile of one who has suffered from the disease.  In 2013, Dr. Smith decided to extend this offer to all survivors of cancer.  See our gallery of past winners or become a fan on facebook.

Dr. Craig Smith started this program with his mother-in-law, Kris L., who battled breast cancer since 1995.  In 2007, he reconstructed her upper smile and continued with the lower the following year.  She has since developed stage 5 metastatic cancer and finished her fight December 16, 2012.

Since the makeover and before her passing, she enjoyed smiling and was happy with the change.  A change in her smile brought hope and a new glimmer of light in her ongoing battle with caner.  For this reason, it was decided to extend this offer to others.  Another reason is to raise awareness.  The medication that kept his mother-in-law healthier was discovered by research funded by the Susan B. Komen Foundation.  If funding helped discover that remarkable medication, someday a cure might be found before the 50 percent probability of affecting his wife and daughters.

To nominate your survivor or yourself, please submit a close-up photo.  Also include an explanation of the survivor’s story, so we may learn more about them (please limit to one page).  Applications can be dropped off in person to the address below or submitted one of the following ways:

  1.  Emailed to nomination@survivorbrightsmiles.com

  2.  Mailed to 4046 Highland Dr. #115 Salt Lake City, UT  84124

Applications must be received by May 31st of the nomination year.  The winner is selected at random from all the nominations.  Only one nomination per survivor.  This prize is offered only to survivors of cancer.  See www.highlandheightsdental.com for full details.  Fraudulent submissions will be ignored.  Please continue to donate to breast cancer research at www.komenslc.org and participate in the annual Race for the Cure on the Saturday before Mother’s Day.


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